Family Portrait Tips
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015
By Meryl
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As a portrait photographer, one of the first questions I am asked is, "do you have any suggestions for how we should dress for our session?"  So I have developed a few tips that I share with all of my clients. For this portrait, the family decided to dress in jewel tones.  


5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your

Family Portrait Session:


1.  Clothing.  For a more formal look, dress everyone alike.  Cream or white top, blue  skirt or pants.  Or choose a range of colors, like pastels or jewel tones.  It’s best to  stick with solids, as prints can be distracting.  Avoid very bright colors worn near the face, as the skin can take on an unflattering tone.


2.  Style.  What type of photos are you hoping to get out of this session?  Let me know how you envision your final images.  Tell me a little about your family and how you all interact.  Do you like a casual, fun feel to your photos or would you prefer a more posed, formal portrait?  Or---we can do both! 


3.  Timing.  Try to schedule the family session at a time when everyone is at their best and no one needs to rush off.  Work around the youngest child’s nap schedule.  If the photo session is planned for outdoors, avoid mid day, as overhead sun casts unflattering shadows.  Make sure that everyone is well-rested and hydrated.  Will hair and makeup be included?  If so, allow extra time.


4.  Organization.  Make a list of all combinations you would like in your images.  For example, for an extended family:  grandparents and all grandchildren.  Or, all the cousins in one image.  Think about your unique family relationships.  


5.  Enjoy.  Try to relax and enjoy your session.  I’m hoping for natural smiles and beautiful interactions among the group members.  A family portrait session should be fun--and that will be reflected in the final images!



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