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Friday, August 22, 2014
By Meryl
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 How to Get Great Photos of Your Kids (With Any Camera!)

1.  Get Closer.  You can often capture a more intimate expression if you come in closer and lower yourself and your camera to the level of the child.  You don’t need to include their whole body each time.  Experiment with closeups of your child’s face, or even their hands.  

2.  Background.  Watch for distracting items in the background:  people, trees, toys and other items strewn around.  Often if you move a few inches to the right or left, you can get a cleaner background and a better image.  Always check that nothing is “growing out of” your subject’s head before pressing the shutter release.  

3.  Use Natural Light.  Always use the best light you can find.  If you are indoors, try to shoot near a window, and turn the overhead lights off.  Photographing outside, your best light will be in the early morning and late afternoon.  Avoid strong midday sunlight, because it creates harsh and unflattering shadows in your subject’s face.

4.  Hold the Cheese.  Rather than pose your children and ask for an unnatural smile, try to capture them being themselves.  Shoot from a variety of angles. 

5.  Keep Your Camera Ready.  Use your camera regularly--not just on vacation.  Everyday activities are usually more revealing of your child’s personality than planned events.  If you are comfortable using your camera often, you will have a better chance of capturing those revealing moments.