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Friday, May 02, 2014
By Meryl
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So when my cousin Talia contacted me about photographing her soon-to-be-mom friend Gabriela I said sure!  And when she revealed that Gabriela would be dressed as a bird for the session, I wasn’t even surprised.  

Talia and Gabriela are both former Elves (as in the Seattle Sugarplum Elves) and I expected nothing short of Unusual and Creative for a maternity shoot involving them.

When I arrived, Gabriela was getting the finishing touches done on her makeup, and the set was being arranged.  I love being around Sugarplum Elf energy.  As if the bird makeup, wings and tummy painted like an egg weren’t enough, soon-to-be-dad Ben agreed to be dressed up as a worm, to be photographed and Photoshopped as an, um.....accessory.  Fortunately, Elf Samantha Fisher is a Photoshop wiz and she created the final photo featuring Ben the Worm.  Or, as I would say, Ben the Good Sport.

THIS JUST IN:  The photo of Gabriela on the nest (wormless version) won the People's Choice Award in ParentMap's Bump to Bundle Photo Contest, April 2014!!